History of the Essex Street Inn & Suites

  The Essex Street Inn was originally built as the “Lucky Livery Stable” in the early 1800’s. Due to the Great Fire of 1811 it burned down along with leveling most of Downtown Newburyport. A new stable was soon built on the same spot. In 1836 the property was...

Make the Most of Your Beach Vacation

Plum Island, Newbury Beach, and Salisbury Beach State Reservation offer beautiful respites and fun in the sun. How can you make the most of this year's Newburyport beach vacation? Check out these top tips. Stay Hydrated Sure, you'll be spending time in the water, but...

Lighthouses of Newburyport

Newburyport is one of Massachusetts’ smallest cities. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this city was a center for shipbuilding and maritime trade along the Merrimack River. It became a major center for trade from Europe, the West Indies, and China. During...

New Brew Honors Old Newbury Tradition

    Each January, used Christmas trees are "recycled" into a large community bonfire in nearby Newbury, the proceeds of which benefit the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department. Ipswich Ale Brewery is proudly releasing a new warming winter brew, "Defrost." The...

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